Today is election day in Kentucky for the primaries, and we did our civic duty and voted.  But the kids were bored out of their mind watching Netflix and playing with empty boxes from the weekend.

We replaced both of our toilets, one broke, and I just thought the other was slightly dated and decided to upgrade them both.  The boxes that they came in were big hits becoming houses, space ships, cars, garages, and other imaginary wonders.  However, they were fast taking over my tiny living room on a day like today.  No school, cloudy and rainy off and on all day and hardly a dollar in the bank.

I tried to provide comfort with fun meals like chicken nuggets and even baked some peanut butter cookies to lighten the mood.  While the cookies were delicious, it hardly phased the boys even for a second.

So Michael and I began to ponder among ourselves.  We both remembered that I had stocked up on a deal at Rite Aid for Regal Movie Theater Gift Cards a few months back.  When you bought two at $25 each, you received a $10 in store credit that they call Plenti Points.  So we knew we’d be going to the theater at some point in time, and I stocked up.  It’s a good thing I did, because it came in handy today.

So we decided to surprise the boys.  However, they became apprehensive with the surprise.  Jaiden, my oldest, constantly reminded us that some surprises were not good.  In fact, they were down right rotten.  So I calmly replied that if he felt that way, we didn’t have to go anywhere.  He and Liam quickly changed their tune hoping it would be better than what they had been doing.

Off we piled into the car, and we headed to the movie theater.  Once we arrived, the boys became excited.   Their eyes wondered and marveled at which movie they would be seeing.  Could it be Zootopia or something else?  When Zootopia was decided, the boys shifted from excited to bouncy.  You could hardly contain their giddiness.  It was like herding elephants in a glass shop with a barrel full of peanuts.

After a quick break to make sure all bladders were free and clear, we walked into the theater and found seats that accommodated the 4 of us.  The kids giggled and bounced with eagerness until the lights dimmed.  A few commentaries through the previews, and finally the main feature.  Not a word was uttered during the entire movie.

It was exciting to enjoy a movie without constant chatter, comments, I can’t tell you a time where I have had a moment without some kind of crying, whining or chatter and actually watched a movie silently with my children present.

After the movie, the kids couldn’t stop dancing and talking about the movie.  As you can see, they are still very bouncy despite it being bedtime.  Now if I could only get them to stay in their bed and actually go to sleep!  But that’ll be a topic for another day.

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