Lazy Gardening Is The Only Gardening For Me!

You heard me!  LAZY GARDENING!  Is this some oxymoron?  Nope.  I want my yard to look fabulous with as little work as possible.  And I am going to give you an intro to how easy it is to achieve this by telling you about 3 of my favorite plants!

We all hear about how hard of work gardening is, and it truly can be.  But it can be rewarding and incredibly lazy if you want it to be!  While planting plants and mulching beds is as hard as I am willing to work (and it’s not easy), I want to spend the rest of my time enjoying my family and sitting out in the yard sipping a cool drink, reading my Bible, and soaking in some serious prayer time all while being among the plants in my garden.
So where do I start?  I have 3 favorite plants that I am going to discuss one by one and how these can be your friends as well!  But before that, I want you to become acquainted with the word “perennial.”  According to Bing, perennial means,

“lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.”

Why I want you to know this word is because most flowers and plants are divided into two categories, annual meaning you plant these flowers every single year.  And the other category is perennial, which we now know the definition.
In order to be a lazy gardener, you need low maintenance plants that come back year after year so you aren’t working your hinny off constantly.  After all, who has time to replant over and over again?  And who loves repeating the same process over and over, year after year killing our backs?  Yikes!
Without further adieu, here is the first plant, the graceful and humble hosta.  This plant is seriously tough.  Mike has weed whacked this thing, I have forgotten to water it sometimes, and I am always pleasantly surprised when they come back year after year.  This plant is hearty meaning it comes back EASILY!  But be warned, these guys will live anywhere, but prefer (and do better) in the shade.  Hostas do great in the ground and in pots.  I have them all over my yard.  Here’s one I have in a window box.

Which brings me to my second plant which is also shade loving!  This funny looking stuff in my hosta pot is called creeping jenny.  This stuff grows long and makes a fantastic ground cover should you have a spot that grass just won’t grow.  It doesn’t like a lot of walking, so be mindful of how often you’ll walk over the top.  It makes a dramatic spiller in the pot, and I think the green colors look lovely together.

My last one is also a shade loving plant (what is the trend with this?), and it is the elegant fern.  Want your house to suddenly look expensive?  Pop this plant into hanging baskets for added property values.  My Aunt Winnie likes to put one of these in a pot or hanging basket and set it in her bird bath.  This adds drama and character to the property, and there’s something about this plant that is rustic and primitive.  However, it has this upscale feel as well.  Therefore, the fern easily makes my list.  Be advised, some fern varieties DO NOT COME BACK!  So watch out for that when buying ferns.

And there’s 3 easy care, returning perennials that you are sure to love!  But don’t be fooled.  My garden has more than these 3 plants.  And there’s more to share, but for now, that’s a lot to take in.  I believe in your abilities and want to encourage you to try.  All 3 of these do great in pots as well as in the ground.  Happy gardening!

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