What Type of Shopper Are You?

What Type of Shopper Are You?

Everyone has heard the latest craze about couponing and saving all kinds of money and getting groceries dirt cheap or completely free.  While it is possible, it’s not as extreme as some people make it nor is it easy.  It’s a lot of hours of hard work and true dedication.

Before we start talking about couponing strategies, let’s begin with the three main types of bargain shopping strategies, the generic, the savvy, and the extreme.   You could go on with subcategories and variations of all three, but there are three types of bargain shopping.


The first we’re going to discuss is the generic shopper.  This is the person who shops only for the cheapest, rock bottom prices despite quality over quantity.  What this means is this person doesn’t care what brand it is as long as they are paying the least amount of money.  This person rarely uses a coupon and only looks at the cheapest price.  Sometimes, they look at the unit price as well, but if it say $2 for a name brand and $1.75 for the generic, they won’t even consider the name brand product.  How do I know this?  I used to be a generic shopper.


The second shopper is the savvy shopper.  This person shops the sales and rarely uses a coupon.  If their local grocery store is putting out a free product coupon, they will probably pick it up, even if they won’t use it.  They know there is a time to shop and there’s a time to wait.  Why pay $7 for a large pack of toilet paper when you know in a week or two the name brand will be on sale for $5?  And you might have a coupon for $0.25 or $0.50 off, too!  So lower that price even if it’s just a few cents!  I have been a savvy shopper as well.


The last shopper is the extreme shopper.  This person may always use a coupon or goes crazy when something is deeply discounted.  They buy things left and right no matter the cost because it’s so cheap and steeply discounted.  Free shampoo?  Sure, even if it’s not a brand you like.  Snake patterned dress that looks like 1980s threw up all over the place for $1?  It’s new in the department store, so why not?  And, sadly, I have been the extreme shopper as well.

So which of the three are the best shopping strategies?  Since I have been all three, I think they all have their perks.  The one you relate to the most is what will work best for your shopping experience.

I will be more than happy to expand upon these 3 types of shoppers in future posts.  We’ll go into further detail with generic shopping possibly with a video!  Until next time, just add one of these (or more) shopping strategies to your life!  See ya!

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