We are the Guy Family

We are the Guy Family

Welcome to our blog!  We are the Guy Family of South Central Kentucky, and I am starting a blog of all our interesting, silly, adventurous and very eclectic lifestyle venturing from Nerdtastic to all the way thrifty and creative.  We are officially Team Guy all the way!  We also have an EBay page selling eclectic wares that we find interesting (and some things we are interested in passing along).  So if you have seen our EBay page, welcome to our blog as well!

I am Roxana Guy, though everyone I know calls me Rocky.  It seems I am only “Roxana” when bills are due or I am in serious trouble from my family.  Yikes!  I wish I had some fabulous story to go along with my nickname Rocky.  I have entertained some wild stories such as pretending to be in a street fight somewhere in Timbuktu and smashing the enemy with a thunderous clamor from a rock slide.  Maybe even that I am an adventurous anthropologist (or geologist) excavating the rare and exotic rock formations in my lithic studies.  Or possibly that I am the offspring of an amazing 80s hairband rock legend with my “totally awesome” rocker mom and dad.  Sadly, none of these stories even come close to the real reason I am nicknamed “Rocky.”

Truth be told, my grandfather really wanted a grandson.  I mean REALLY, REALLY bad!  He had nothing against having granddaughters.  In fact, he wanted those later, but a grandson was exactly what he had wished for ever since he found out I was coming into the world.  You can imagine his defeat after finding out I was a girl.  Two hours later, he decided I would be promptly called, “Rocky.”  Three years later, my cousin Dana was also born female.  Two years after that, her sister Kristi was born.  And no more grandchildren were had after that.  For a while, he used to talk to his political friends about his grandchildren Rocky, Dan and Kris, but his closest friends all knew we were female.  So while he tolerated us the best way he knew, everyone just learned to call me Rocky.  And, honestly, it’s the one I like the most.

My darling husband is named Michael.  He is the middle of three boys, and is by far the tallest at 6’5″.  But don’t let his size fool you.  He is a hard worker, chivalrous to a fault, and a fantastic dad!  My late uncle passed away in 2013, but in 2008 when Michael and I married, he gave Michael the esteemed nickname “Mountain.”  He and my aunt gave us a lovely card that said, “I knew my little Rock had big dreams, but I never knew she’d marry a mountain.”  Ever since, people on my side of the family call him Mountain Mike or just sometimes Mike.  I can’t imagine my life without him.
Michael and I have two amazing boys, Jaiden who is 7 and Liam who is almost 4.  Jaiden loves to read and is a walking catalog of information.  He amazes us with his living database and unquenchable enthusiasm and curiosity.  Liam has a wit all his own, and never likes being outshined by brother.  He knows his ABC’s and has almost all his numbers to 20.  He is a visual and kinesthetic learner just begging to be out in the world.  But what I love the most about our boys is that they genuinely care about each other.

Don’t worry for all you pet lovers out there, we have a long haired Chihuahua named Sparky.  We also have two cats, an Egyptian Mau mix named Curious and a brown and white American short haired tabby named Dodger.  My eldest son, Jaiden, named Curious, and she truly lives by her name.  I named Dodger because we found him as a feral cat living in our crawlspace.  We almost couldn’t coax him out because he would dodge in and out so quickly hence the name.  For all you animal lovers out there, we did spay and neuter our pets.  We believe in saving lives!
Now that you have a little background information about us, we are excited to bring you this blog about things we have discovered (and possibly an oddity or two along the way).  Whatever has brought you to our little corner of the internet, we are glad you stopped by, and we hope you will stay a bit longer for a story (or two).  We wish you all the best discovering on our site!

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