We All Think Lemonade In The Summer, But Limeade?

Ah, summer time is here, and we’ve got yet another recipe to keep you cool this summer! I give you our recipe for homemade Limeade! This recipe is a bit tart but feel free to sweeten it to your liking. I kinda like the sweet and tart taste together! But if this recipe tends to be too tart for your liking, feel free to reduce by one lime or add one more cup of sweetener. Enjoy!

Rocky’s Homemade Key Limeade

2 cups water

4 key limes

2 cups of sugar

4 cups of ice

2 cups cold water (refrigerated or iced is fine)

Place water in medium sized cooking pot on high heat. Roll limes 5 to 6 times with the palm of your hand to release the juices inside the lemon. Cut the limess in half and use a spoon to juice the limes. If this is too difficult, you can place it in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds to loosen the limes also. This makes juicing them easier. If you have a juicer or lemon juicer, these will speed up the process as well.

Add your juice and sugar to the pot while it is heating and stir constantly to dissolve the sugar and juice. When pot begins to boil, reduce to medium heat. Allow to cook 3-5 minutes at a steady boil. Add 2 cups cold water and your ice to a pitcher. Remove the mixture from the stove and slowly pour into pitcher with no more than a cup or two at a time to prevent your glass pitcher from breaking (or if you have plastic keep it from melting). Steadily add your mixture until all is in your pitcher. Slice limes in your limeade for presentation and color. Remove the limes before refrigerating overnight as this will make your lemonade bitter.

My favorite part of this recipe is how simple it is, and it tastes so good! Nothing like cooling off with a tall glass of this tasty limeade. Add cherries for color and fruity deliciousness! Add a sprig of mint for class and a refreshing taste. Everyone will be raving over this delicious treat, and you’ll be thanking yourself later that you tried it.

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