Try This Technique: A Streak Free Shine…Everytime!

What Would Aunt Winnie Do?

I have seen people use paper towels to clean their windows.  I have seen window cleaning cloths and even people using old shirt, newspapers, and even squeegees.  I have even tried these fancy no streak cleaning cloths.  And all have worked in some way or another.  But my Aunt Winnie?  Now here’s a new (old) idea!

Aunt Winnie has tried all these other methods as well.  But none work as good as her mother and grandmother’s secret.  Their secret consists of a 3 part cleaning technique along with using old sheets and pillow cases!  Yee haw.  I hear your enthusiasm bursting by just reading that line, but seriously, this is one of the best ways to make your windows shine like new.  And her windows are almost a decade old!

So here is how Aunt Winnie cleans her windows to make them sparkle and shine.

Try This Technique

Part 1: 

Clean your screen.  I have different colored sheets here to help tell the difference on what I am doing  It’s hard to see in the picture, but this sheet is a soft pink color.  We wipe down the screen with a dry rag to loosen any dirt or pollen in the screen.


Now this is still part of part one.  Lift your screens up and down to loosen the pollen and dirt inside so you don’t have to do double cleaning duty.  This is a critical step.


Part 2:  

After you have cleaned the screen, it’s time to clean the glass.  Start with the lower glass so you can leave your screen up after pulling it up and down.  Aunt Winnie recommends a high quality glass cleaner, but you can use any that you desire.  Spray the glass heavily so you will loosen up the debris.


Wipe down the glass corner to corner going up and down to lessen streaking and spots on the window.  Most people stop at this part and move on to another window.  However, to have a super clean, streak less window, you have to repeat this step a second time.  It’s critical to the shine of your window.
This window had some concrete that had splashed onto her window last summer when she had her new driveway and sidewalk poured.  If you have a similar situation, it will scratch off gently with your nail or a small razor blade.


Part 3:  

Finally, dry your window.  It’s really important to do this part.  Drying your window removes excess moisture that you have remaining on the window.  Sometimes, this can dry and leave those annoying spots you always hear about on commercials.  I go over it about two times just to give it a good shine.


And there you have it!  A super clean and shiny window every time in just 3 parts!  Just to recap, this is the window before I cleaned it.


This is the window after I cleaned it!  Well, the next one anyway.  I forgot to take a picture after I had moved on, and I have been pretty ticked off about it.  But it did look really similar to this!


You can really see how different the reflection is in the glass!  It’s definitely shinier than it was before.  If you’re having trouble seeing it, here’s what the sheet looked like after I was finished.  Yuck!


Just an added tidbit, dry your sheets before putting them in the laundry.  Just lay them out on a table or chair and let it air dry.  Shake the rags out really well after drying and launder later.


Conclusion?  Aunt Winnie’s Way Works!

And that is Aunt Winnie’s answer to streak free windows.  Everyone has their own tips and tricks out there.  Now our family’s secret window cleaning techniques are fully public.  Feel free to leave a comment below, and as always, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section about what articles you’d like to see on this site.  Happy window cleaning (as happy as window cleaning can be)!

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