Trending! Free Folders Coffee Sample

Trending! Free Folders Coffee Sample

Here’s A Cup Of Joe On Me!

Folgers Coffee Sippers Program

Roxana Guy

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I love that “let’s talk over a cup of coffee” scenario.  For a moment in time, it’s like you’re on the level for a change and the world’s problems are solvable.  Well, that’s my coffee moments anyways with friends and family.  Maybe I live in a fantasy world.  Oh well.  IF WE COULD have a cup of coffee together my way, I would love to have one and share in our most intimate details of the day and life.  But since that’s not possible with everyone, here’s your free sample of Folgers, and we’ll pretend we’re having a relaxing coffee meet.  Oh yeah.  I forgot.  Since I am a full time parent, I don’t have time for coffee breaks.  So I better try to score one anyway.  Enjoy!

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