Top 5 Tablets For Kids

Top 5 Tablets For Kids

Looking for a tablet for your little one?  

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Love ’em or hate ’em, tablets are here for the moment to stay and many parents believe these are life savers on keeping kids occupied and stimulated.

Ah.  Technology!  In many ways, the last decade has truly transformed with the usage of smart phones, tablets, and the ever changing PC.  It was once a huge luxury to have a computer back in the 80s and 90s.  Now, it’s like a first world life essential!  The internet has made everything accessible to our very finger tips from parenting tips to entertainment for our kids.
And it has sparked many controversies.  Do our kids get too much screen time?  I admit it.  I think they do.  But I also think that mom and dad get even more screen time blogging, checking emails, social media and so many other distractions like games and that special place for Netflix.  
But no matter the reason, you want to know if you’re getting a quality product or not, and that’s where this post comes into play.  We’ve researched and checked out several products, and we’ve come up with our Top 5 Tablets for Kids!  We gauged these based on reviews and user friendliness.  Price was also a huge factor as well as availability and easy to purchase.  Here we go!

1.  The Kindle Fire Tablet – $49.99

Kindle is well known across the world for their ease of ebooks, special deals and their e-readers.  The Kindle Fire is highly affordable at $49.99 and at 8 GB, there should be more than enough for your little one to do.  Tweens and Teens may need a bit more convincing, and 16 GB option is available at $69.99.  Its beautiful displace creates pretty solid images for the price, and its 1.3 GHz quad-core processor isn’t too bad since this is for beginners mostly.  And if you’re already a Prime Member, you’ll get unlimited access to a huge selection of songs, books and videos which may come in handy on homework nights.
If you’re in need of two, don’t forget to use their current special promo code FIRE2PACK at check out to receive 10% off your purchase.  And you’re definitely going to need cases.  Seriously, kids can be rough on any device especially a tablet and smartphones.  Geez, I’m hard on devices!   I recommend a case to go along with your purchase, and use CASE2PACK at checkout to receive an additional 15% off cases.  Let’s be honest.  We know we need to save the cash for our next purchase our kids will want!

2.  The Kindle Fire Kids Edition – $99.99

These are what my kids have.  This, by far is the best deal on a Kindle in my opinion.  There’s a 2 year worry-free guarantee, and it doesn’t hurt with a slogan, “If they break it, we’ll replace it.  No questions asked.”  You had me at worry free guarantee, but hey, keep selling me baby!  This comes with a kid proof case already and is equipped with an okay, basic camera, more than enough for kids in my opinion.  This also comes with an 8 or 16 GB option like the other, and I’d recommend a microSD card with up to 200 GB of extra storage.  The kids have lots of movies, books and games on here, so it adds up on space.  Like the other, you have unlimited access to thousands of books, movies, shows, apps and games and the best part?  You have 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited included.  Car travel just got better!  

3.  The LeapFrog Epic 7 – $91.96

The LeapFrog Epic 7 is one I must admit that I am not very familiar with at all.  What I do like about it is how it’s designed to grow with your child.  This one would be perfect for preschool aged children who are learning basic ABC’s and 123’s.  There are apps to add to this device, and it has protective bumpers and shatter-safe LCD screen meaning it will crack but not splinter terribly everywhere.  It has a decent amount of memory at 16 GBm, but I have to say I’m not a fan of the price for what you get.  The camera is lackluster, and the processor is okay at best.  I wouldn’t recommend this for older kids like 8-10 range who would be looking for better graphics and gaming.  But for the right audience level, this is a good choice.
My favorite part of this product has to be the case options.  There some that have legs on the back like a picture frame and cute carrying cases like this one!  And you’ll definitely want a screen protector for the LeapFrog Epic 7.  It’s durable but not completely shatter proof!  Better safe than sorry.    

4.  Apple IPAD Mini – Starting at $234.99

Apple is known for its name and quality of products.  But as the years have progressed, I find Apple personally to be overpriced for what you get.  I’m an Android fan myself, and don’t get me wrong.  APPLE IS INSANE!  Their products are usually top of the line and have great graphics.  But there are so many Android devices out there with similar features for a fraction of the cost.  But I have to admit, I didn’t find as many Android devices that were as awesome as this.  

The Apple IPAD Mini is a fantastic product with a decent camera and great colors.  It would be perfect for older kids, tweens and teens, but I’d steer clear of the little guys.  With 16 GB options all the way up to 128 GB, your child is certain to have plenty of room to share, store and do activities like homework with this device.  Little guys, well, this is definitely the sticker shock of a lifetime.  Like I said, the older kids, this is a reasonable product considering how it will be used and utilized.  I would study up on hidden icons and items your child could be storing.  Some calculator and camera options have hidden pass codes because their real purpose is to hide pornography and other unwanted data.  Studying up on that will help you and your child build better bonds and strengthen time together.  

5.  Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch – $309.93

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is definitely the priciest of all of these tablets. It uses Android 5.0 Lollipop OS and has a pretty good Octacor application processor. It features 32 GB flash memory, and has great graphics for the cost. It is think and lightweight and its pictures are crisper than the other products mentioned in this post. This would be my pick for the teen especially the older teen preparing for college. It has a finger print scanner so your child will less likely be a victim of crimes at school. Professional criminals? Well, nothing’s ever really safe. There’s an expandable memory option, and a quick connect meaning it’s easy to switch devices to continue watching shows and movies. Be warned, these features usually only work best with Samsung compatible products from 2015 and sooner.

Well, there you have it. Here’s Just Add That’s Top 5 Tablets for Kids for you to review.

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