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We here at Just Add That know that your life is busy, but being a part of your everyday is music to our ears!  We are striving to fine tune our parenting skills to help you live a more successful and abundant life with your children.  We understand and relate to your sacrifices.  We know you have given up on traditional workplace income and many adult activities.  We understand that you miss those things as well because we have sacrificed like you have!  Being a stay at home parent is a privilege, a lost art to the modern society.  Some people are jealous because they have no opportunity to be a stay at home parent.  Some people do not understand the kind of work we do, striving for our child’s most basic, necessary needs.  We are the center of the household.  Without stay at home moms and dads like us, laundry and dishes would be a nightmare.  Your child may have unnecessary anxiety from separation of both parents.  Your spouse is exhausted from their job and just needs an extra pair of hands.  And often times, we are lost in the background.

But not anymore.  We want you to know that we see you!  We see your hard work, your dedication, your sacrifice.  And we salute you.  That’s what Just Add That is all about.  We’ll share funny stories, personal (and often embarrassing moments), and anything we’ve learned along the way that makes life that much easier.  We’ll show you how to make money when you feel you’re worthless because your job doesn’t pay.  

Just remember, you aren’t worthless.  Your time is valuable and well invested in your children.  And we want to maximize that by helping you with our blog!  While most days many parents may be at the breaking point, we here at Just Add That want you to know that we are proud of you!  Thank you for staying up to make your daughter’s costume.  Thank you for teaching your son to ride a bike.  Thank you for the agonizing long nights of a sick baby.  Thank you for choosing your adopted son or daughter or for being a foster parent who chose to say yes to a hard situation.  Thanks for staying up after midnight waiting on your tween or teenager because you care so much and was so worried.  And thank you for signing up.  Because without you, life wouldn’t be as great as it already is.