Revamping Just Add That

Revamping Just Add That

This is kind of my reminder that I have places that I have been and places that I am going.  I feel that my writing style is too eclectic, and I am not getting out to help anyone but rather I am just writing to be writing.  

As many of you know, blogging is hard work and affiliate marketing is even harder. We find products, try to write articles, network like crazy and all for what? We hope to make a dollar or two.

Well, today, I thought things were going well, and then I had a meeting at my Alma Mater at their career and development center. I was hoping to learn more business aspects of blogging and generating income ideas as well as maybe IRS and other business matters I would need to know. Only, I found out today that I have learned everything backwards, and that my niche is too generic and not specific enough. Because I have been trying to launch on a larger, possibly global scale, I should have tried a much smaller audience and found out what topics sold or not sold.
So for an hour and a half, we batted ideas, and he even admitted that some of my knowledge was more extensive than his (and realize that I am a novice at best). And that knowledge was all I had. Nothing clickable, nothing profitable, no click funneling of any kind. And after our meeting, we concluded that I should hang up my business. I could try something else, but his recommendation was for me to walk away with what I had lost and use my experience to amp up my resume. Needless to say, I am distraught. I was just about to start Course 3 on here, and for what? Now I am not so sure. 
But I am not giving up.  I am researching and coming up with ideas.  I am more inspired than ever!  I think I will add some comedy and try to shed some light on some new ideas and topics.  But until then, thanks for following and thanks for your support.  Without you, I probably would have given up by now.  

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