Replacing A Storm Door Spring

We have been experiencing some serious wind here lately in Kentucky.  I have so many household projects that I really don’t know where to start.  So I thought I would share my experience with installing new storm door springs.  I had to remove parts of my old springs, so I guess I will start there.

Step 1:  Measure where your old hardware sits.  That way you buy the right size spring for the job. My spring cost $10 at my local discount store which is a fraction of the cost of a new storm door at my local hardware store ($150).


Step 2:  Remove all old hardware.   For those that may not know what that means, you should remove the old spring and all its parts that hang on there. Please be careful as you don’t want to hurt yourself.   If the screws are too tight, try placing your screwdriver into the screw head (that’s the part with a line, an x, or a geometric shape) and tap the handle of the screwdriver (that’s the part at the top where you hold it).  This should loosen the screw.  If not, I once heard that you can heat up the screw,but be careful because I, personally, have not tried this trick.   You may ask a really strong friend to help.


Step 3: After removing the previous hardware, read your instructions on the spring.  Double check that you have the right size spring.  If so, you’re ready for step 4.  If not, head back to the store to get help finding the right spring.


Step 4: Open the packaging and remove it’s contents (everything in it).  Install the mount on the door frame first.   This will help line up the rest of the project.   Screw each screw into the previous screw holes for the wall mount as pictured below.  If you’re having trouble because the hole is stripped out, click here for help.


Step 5: After replacing the wall mount, it’s time to install the spring.  This is super easy.  Just line up the holes and insert the pin that comes with the hardware as demonstrated in the next picture. Be sure it’s the small pin and not the longer one as you will need that one later.20160417_140245

Step 6: It’s now time to replace the bracket that connects the spring to the door.  There are two screws that go on this to adjust how close or how far the spring needs to be from the hinge.  Line up your holes to your spring first, and then line up the holes that are predrilled on the door as you can see in the next pictures.



Step 7:  Now that the bracket is lined up and mounted on the door, it is now time to add the last and largest pin to the spring and connect it to the door.


You are now finished!  You will either need to replace the other spring, or if it is still working fine, my grandfather always said that “you don’t fix something that ain’t broke.”  But if the other spring is in disrepair, then you can repeat each of the steps for the remaining spring.  Hope this helps!  Glad I have a working storm door again.  Now I just have to clean it.  Yuck!

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