Night Time Reading

I have written some nightly reading to help my kids unwind for their bedtime ritual.  While these are mostly poems, they are fun and I know my kids get a kick out of them for bedtime.  It isn’t easy to write with the kids sometimes.  They want my undivided attention, which isn’t always bad.  I do realize that someday, I won’t have that anymore, and they’ll have moved on in life and forget their mother.  That’s okay.  If they didn’t, I think I would be more worried than if they were determined to stay close to me.  But bedtime has a special place in our hearts with showers, brushing teeth, nightly medications (my oldest son has severe environmental allergies), and finally a story we read or I make up, like these poems.  I figure if I need them from time to time, someone like you might need them as well!

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