Being Parent

It’s not always easy being a parent, and sometimes you just want to be the kid again.  Do you have to whine and cry so much?  Why do you and your siblings fight all the time?  Mommy/Daddy just needs a bit of alone time for a while.  Can’t I just pee alone for a change?


These little luxuries were one of the things we never thought we’d have to miss when we became parents.  We love our kids.  We adore, cherish, and revel in every triumph, victory and milestone!  But it’s really hard sometimes to appreciate those times when you have completely lost your self identity.  No, you want to sacrifice for your child, but sometimes you sacrifice so much that you begin to wonder who you are anymore.  You may have self doubt wondering if you’re worth anything.  You may feel guilty enjoying a candy bar or sweet treat alone.  You may even feel guilty for things that don’t even matter like forgetting to check the mail.  And when you see all these activities on Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, and all these other sites and articles, you begin to even believe you are a good parent.  So you seep into this never ending depression, anxiety, worry, and self doubt.


But these are all feelings we feel as parents.  You aren’t a bad mom or a bad dad for having at least one of these feelings or more!  It means that you are burned out, tired and exhausted.  You probably feel unappreciated maybe by your kids or maybe by other adults, friends and family.  And this is what this section is all about.  I’m going to try to find articles on how to survive your stay at home experience, deal with depression the right way, and maybe even find time for yourself without feeling guilty.  Well, maybe not too much guilt!

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