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Exciting News!   We are currently working on our new email list as well as new courses to help with the everyday struggles of the average stay at home parent! We’re glad you could make it to our new site! You’ll find some how to ideas, tips and tricks that we hope make your life […]

Dash Recipes

Introducing our new series, Dash. Dash is a different twist to the normal recipes out there.  Yes, it’s another recipe video series.  But let’s be honest.  As parents there are our old faithful recipes, and sometimes we just need to look at something new.  Dash is dedicated to giving a new twist on old favorites.  Let’s […]


Sometimes, it’s a big job, and it pays to hire it out.  Others cost you a fortune when you can do it for a fraction of the dollar.  Whatever your skills, we’re going to show you quick fixes to try to make your home all the better.  Some are beautifying.  Others are budget fixes.  And […]

Mission Statement

Our mission and our goal is that you can make life anything.  We might have found a trick or two along the way to make our lives easier, but the reality is it isn’t that hard to just add a smile, a kind word, or even add a dose of confidence to your everyday.  No, […]

Who We Are

  We are Just Add That, a site devoted to improving the lives of parents.  That means we talk about stay at home moms as well as stay at home dads, working parents, and non traditional parenting.  The struggles are real.  As a mom myself, I understand the financial strains, marital strains, and overwhelming feelings […]


  We know you’ll want to keep up with the latest experiences. Be sure to sign up for our email list to keep up with what’s going on! We are out here making mistakes, failing like crazy and building up ideas to make life a little easier for someone anyway. That someone might as well […]

About Us

How To…Or How To Not? Now that’s the real question. We see lots of how to’s rather than how to not do something. On this site, you’ll see a bit of everything. Seriously, we mess up more than we don’t. And the funny thing is some people always say, “stop being such a perfectionist.” Am […]

19 Jul

The Verdict Is In On The Mom War

Original writing by eyecatchwriter.  Fabulous work! To Be or Not To Be Stay-At-Home Mom War In today’s world there are so many job opportunities, so many jobs died and some were born in this past decade. The one job that lived is Stay-At-Home moms. There are so many moms shaming going on the internet and in […]

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Moss Mountain
15 Jun

Our Trip To Moss Mountain, Arkansas

My Aunt and I had a grand adventure to Moss Mountain, Arkansas.  Don’t know where that is?  You need to see this video because you are missing so much!         To support your local PBS station and keep this show alive and running, click here.  

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13 Jun

Diary of A Worn Out Mom

It’s happened.  I have officially reached a new level of mom hood in my life.  Mile markers start meaning less and less after you hit 21, and when you hit 33, well the big mile marker is the fact that you actually got to sleep.  Seriously.  It’s kinda funny how life hits you.  You go […]

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9 Jan

Bring The Family Back Together

Let’s start a parenting revolution! Family is sometimes the greatest treasure we have.  Sometimes, we focus so much on material things that we forget what’s really important.  I’m Roxana Guy, the founder and main writer at Just Add That.  I started this blog as a money venture.  What I didn’t know when I started is […]

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28 Nov

10 Survival Guide Tips For Parents

10 Survival Guide Tips For Parents Parents sometimes know a trick or two and gladly share them along the way.  I have met few parents who aren’t willing to share many of their tips, tricks and life hacks when it comes to kids.  Most parents are eager to give any information which is the inspiration […]

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Just Add That, Towel
1 Nov

5 Very Different And Efficient Ways To Fold A Towel!

Yet Another Boring Chore Folding a towel and laundry is a pain to everyone. Sure. Some may not mind it. Others, like me, dread it. The reality is most of us could think of better ways to spend our time rather than folding loads upon loads of laundry. But there are so many ways to […]

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YouTube Just Add That
30 May

Don’t Miss Anything! Just Add That Is On YouTube!

While we only have a few  videos so far,  we’re excited to be on YouTube!  I hope to have more videos to post soon, and please don’t butcher me too much on my video editing.  I am trying really hard, and I have no background or experience in this.  YouTube is a vast jungle of […]

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