Our First Ever JAT Giveaway!

Our First Ever JAT Giveaway!

$25 Visa Gift Card

Hey all you Just Add That fans (JAT for short)!  We are so excited to be offering our first ever giveaway!  We have been trying and struggling to try to find new and exciting ways to promote JAT, and despite all the ups and downs over the last year, we’re going to try a promotion in order to get more likes on our Facebook Page!  
First, you must go over to our Facebook Page and hit like.  Second, you must share to all your Facebook loved ones.  We are so excited to be offering this promotion!  Thanks for following JAT, and keep up with our blog!

This 2017, we’re going to do our best to review products that we think are going to improve the quality of life for parents!  And as we do featured articles, we’re going to post the best ones to our sister site, Just Add That Online, where parents can learn how to make money and make the best of being a stay at home parent!  And our product reviews will be listed for sale at our other sister site Refrigerator Guys, an online affiliate mall.  We’ll link items to our sponsors and our favorite vendors to make sure you, our readers, have access to finding our favorites in one convenient location!  So exciting!

Again, don’t forget to sign up to our email lists and our Facebook page to keep up with everything happening on JAT!  

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