My Top 10 Healthy Finds At Dollar Tree!

My Top 10 Healthy Finds At Dollar Tree!

Dealing With A Bad Rep

Dollar Tree is notorious for products that are cheap imports and staggering unhealthy options.  In fact, it can be quite daunting when shopping there going up and down the aisles only to see products made in third world countries and tons and tons of junk foods loaded with salt and super carbs!  But Dollar Tree has been making advances in its products to bring better products at an affordable price.  And I scoured the shelves of our local DT to bring you my top 10 healthy options to watch for in your local store!

Snack Foods

Dried Cranberries

So these aren’t Craisin brand by Ocean Spray, but I somehow doubt that they’d dare put their symbol on just any old product.  This is a pretty decent size since Ocean Spray brand tends to be in the $3-$5 range for double (sometimes triple if you’re lucky) this size.  It’s a smart choice if you ask me and a great price!


I don’t care who you are, almonds are pricey no matter what.  Sometimes, you can snag a deal, but I find these deals tend to come around the $10 range for a pound.  Sometimes, if you’re luck in the fall, you can find a BOGO deal that makes them cheaper.  But 15 oz (almost a full lb.) for $5 is almost unheard of in reality.  Put these in a high powered blender for some easy (and affordable) almond butter!


These next 2 pictures of salsas show you how you can take this treat on the go!  While you can probably find your picante sauce on sale for cheaper every 4 to 6 weeks at your local grocer, you can’t beat the go sized salsa at $0.33 per cup.  At 10 calories each cup, you can dip your veggies, chips and even put this in your lunch box to add flavor to your lunch sandwich or salad.  This isn’t a bad price for Pace (7 oz size) without a sale as 14 oz jars can run anywhere from $2-3 per jar.  


Pretzels have ups and downs on being healthy.  I picked this particular kind, Synder’s of Hanover because these are single packs already portioned for you!  These make quick snacks, sides for a lunch or on the go with kids, and with 8 for just $1, this could save a family vacation!  

Main Entrees


Lunch has never been easier with one of these soup options!  At $1 per can for Healthy Choice Soup and 200 calories averaging per can, soup is on!  Soup may not be on your lunch menu this time of the year, but stock up because it’ll be fall before you know it!  Always check your dates before stock up and make sure to keep your cans in a temperature controlled environment.  Too hot and too cold conditions will make your cans rust before their expiration date!


Fish, fish and more fish!  The sky’s the limit with the plethora of fish options!  However, you’ll find these prices better at your local grocers.  Star Kist, Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee brand tunas tend to go on sale for $0.50 per can every 4 to 6 weeks at  your local grocery store.  I would stock up on them then.  But Albacore tuna and salmon prices tend to stay around the $1 to $2 mark even on sale!  So if you can’t find a sale locally, you now know where to get the best price for fish until your next sale!  Mackerel is fantastic brain food and is highly recommended for its fatty oils in COPD patients.  Just an extra tidbit there!



So this might seem boring.  I mean how much are pickles anyways?  Not that much, and why do I dare even bother with them on my top 10?  Well, pickles are relatively low calorie.  In fact, for a spear, it’s only about 20 calories!  And there are lots to pick from.  Dill chips, spears, bread and butter, even relish!  So this easily makes the list in my book, but be sure to watch your sales in your local circular for better deals.  

Canned And Jarred Vegetables

It’s no contest.  Your local grocers definitely has the upper hand on cheaper canned vegetables.  What I found intriguing are these two in particular.  Canned and jarred asparagus tend to be on the pricier side of the veggies while mushrooms tend to go on sale like clockwork every 4 to 6 weeks.  The reality is use your best shopping budget and if there’s no sale, why not buy here at just $1 per jar?



You go to DT and often times you’ll find juice cocktails, Kool-Aids and junk in between.  But keep your eyes out as there are some 100% juice items actually at your local DT!  My son hates prune juice but drinks it when he has an upset stomach.  Tomato juice at this size for $1 isn’t too shabby either.  You can often times find tomato juice cheaper in the canned variety, but if you’re not a fan of the can, keep your eyes out for this gem!


Lemonades are on sale fairly often especially in the summer time!  But this price definitely beats most retailers.  This comes with enough to make 6 quarts making this cheaper than your homemade variety.  Keep an eye on sales though.  Sometimes, you can find a stellar deal that you really can’t pass up.  The reality is you have to use your best judgement.  


My final fav is not to be forgotten or left out.  While I recommend you use your best judgement on buying spices at DT, there are several seasoning packets and name brands to pick from for your recipes.  Nothing makes fish or chicken taste better than Mrs. Dash!  There are some other varieties including dressing mix like Wish Bone brand.  Now this is a great find!

Final Thoughts

Dollar Tree definitely has a bad rep, but if you use sound judgement and common sense, you’ll find that there are many amazing finds at your local DT!  Try not to be too brand snobbish as there are so many things you could be missing that my local DT may not even carry.  Some have refrigerated and frozen sections like full grocery stores.  And I’ll be honest, I am quite envious!  I love our DT, but I wish it was much larger than what it is with far more selections.  So remember everyone, just add a trip to your local Dollar Tree and see if you can find any healthy finds to add to your life!

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