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The Worst Advice You Can Hear As A Dad

If you are on my site, it means that you struggling with parenting issues.  Somewhere, you and your child are just not where you want to be and you need answers.  Many of my guy friends who are parents are too proud to look for help.  The idea of looking for answers can be humiliating.  It even can be demasculinizing.  But that isn’t what this site is about.  It isn’t to strip men of whatever dignity they feel they have left.  This site is about finding the answers to your parenting questions.  We want to help you find what you need to build your confidence and create the right learning environment for you and your child.

First, and foremost, I want to thank you for reaching out and finding this website.  It means that you are a great father and love your child dearly.  You should be proud of the fact that you have taken the first steps toward a better look at parenting.

I want to also take the time to encourage you not to give up easily.  Giving up is often the easy choice because you no longer place any effort on the things you would normally care and cherish.  We understand parenting is hard.  But your child isn’t worth giving up because they are amazing!  Great things just take a little time, and while we don’t know your child specifically, we know that they are amazing!  I want you to have the resources to be encouraged and build stronger, happier relationships with your kids.

Right now, things might be tough.  There may not seem to be any hope no matter where you look.  But what if going through those tough times leads you to some of the happiest and greatest memories so far in your life?!  Do you really want to miss that?  Absolutely not!


What Society Doesn’t Want You To Know

Not every situation works out the way we think.  Sure, sometimes what we think will be amazing turns out to be the worst idea we’ve ever had.  But not every situation.  If your marriage or relationship failed, you still had your precious child out of the situation!  I can’t think of anything better than those sweet hugs and kisses at bedtime.  Or what about those sweet, innocent questions because they really don’t understand?  Parenting has its own challenges, and now society wants to strip you of your rights as a father.  It’s sad but true.

Society has placed so much blame on men creating generations of guys who are afraid to say anything.  What if I offend someone or get sued?  And men begin to think that parenting isn’t for them.  Maybe parenting is more of a female job.

The truth is, society wants you to keep doubting.  If they can keep you doubting, you can stay in their prison leaving you blind to your real sense and purpose.  They bind you with shackles of doubt, insecurity and hopelessness.  They have placed this mountain of fear in front of you trying to keep you from ever climbing it and becoming the person you were always supposed to be.


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Let’s shatter the stereotype right now!  You are an incredible man because you have decided to take the first steps in improving your life.  That means you are great at parenting because you just put your child first!  This mountain that is in front of you that society wants you to fear needs to be moved.  How, you might ask?  Let’s break it down into smaller parts, and let’s start with 10 Tips to Being A Better Dad.





While I will find gentle ways to guide you through your journey, you need a regiment that will be strict and tough.  Parenting has its own hardships, but you need to be empowered and find what works best for you and your family!  This isn’t about allowing you to stay in a depressive state but rather to pick up the pieces and clean up life as you know it.  It’s about empowering your child to do the same thing should they ever be in a slump someday as parents.  Because you have taken the time to come this far, you will be stronger and more capable of handling single parenthood on your own until you decide to try a relationship.  But this isn’t about relying on someone to solve your problems but rather finding the strength to endure on your own.  Just you and your child.

Dad, I don’t know how to tell you this, but society has lied to you.  You are needed, wanted and loved!  And starting today, let’s work together to start making family memories.  Be sure to download our Family Night Planner so you can start having family night with your children now!




Work with me directly!

That’s where Roxana Guy wants to come in and help you.  She is a parent like you.  Roxana has worked in early childhood classroom settings as a Para Educator.  She has taught classroom settings in the secondary classroom, mostly middle school.   Roxana has worked with all children, boys and girls, normal classroom settings, developmental classrooms, and special needs.   She is ready to work for you and help you with your child.  

Roxana understands the need for family time as well as personal time.  It’s hard to balance both, and when we have a moment to ourselves, we tend to worry about bills, family and other responsibilities.  Let her help you with your most difficult problem by scheduling an appointment with her.  Sometimes, it’s just a quick phone call that can make a difference.  



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