Kentucky Kangaroos?

This is a different kind of Treat Yo’ Self Thursday!  It’s called, “Give yourself some much needed family time.”  We’re all busy doing something all the time, so why not slow down a bit and reconnect with your kids and family?  This post is just how to do that…Kentucky style!

When people typically think of Kentucky, they think of horses, fried chicken, trailers, rednecks, lack of education, no shoes and that our women stay pregnant all the time.  Truth be told, Kentucky really isn’t that different from where you are.  We have internet, television, fancy coffee shops with mermaid pictures, even malls (not your giant discount stores either).  The biggest difference is our population is spread out across the state.  The majority of Kentucky’s population is located in what the locals call the “Golden Triangle.”  This includes Cincinnati (yes, it is a part of Kentucky, too), Louisville and Lexington.  What is located in the middle of the Golden Triangle?  Frankfort, the capitol.

No.  Neither Louisville nor Lexington are Kentucky’s capitols (though both cities have fought about it for years).  Frankfort is located in Franklin County and is a center location to these city giants where the majority of Kentucky’s population lives.  Most of our government money also goes here.  It makes sense since so many people live in these areas.  If you’re looking for city amenities, art, culture and horses, then the Golden Triangle is the right fit for your Kentucky visit.  But Eastern, Western and South Central Kentucky are not to be missed!  Hey nature enthusiasts!  Let me introduce you to South Central Kentucky!

For now, I will tell you about cave country since most people do not think about caves in Kentucky.  Mammoth Cave National Park is probably the biggest of the cave attractions.  Its lush forests and meandering trails are fun for everyone.  Enjoy horseback riding, hiking or a cave tour of the largest cave in Kentucky.
While you’re there, be sure to tour neighboring cave systems like Horse Cave, Diamond Caverns, Onyx Cave and Kentucky Down Under!  What did you say?  Yes, Kentucky Down Under is a nature exhibit where people become acquainted with animals from the Australian Outback.  Pet a tortoise, kangaroo, emu, sheep, goat or a wallaby.  See beautiful birds and lemurs.  And the cave tour is quite fun with the mining helmet and flashlight!  Below is a picture of my boys and my mother in law modeling the “spelunking” equipment.  Well, two happily.  The other reluctantly.

Don’t forget to check out their Golden Bison exhibit as well.  I am still hearing about this.  It’s one the kids will be talking about the whole way home, or if your kid is a nature nut like mine, for weeks to come!


Below is a picture of a wallaby that my sons and some other kids fell in love with and wanted to take home.  Ha!  But these wallabies are gentle and used to being fed and around people.  However, tour guides will remind you not to scream or jump quickly as these animals frighten easily despite being around tourists constantly.  But they are soft and sweet to pet.


There is also an exhibit where you can feed certain birds at special times.  Here is my eldest son feeding this beautiful creature.  Small soufflé cups with birdseed are just the right snack for these little guys.  And it’s lots of fun to watch!


I hope that you caught a glimpse of one extra attraction to Kentucky other than the stereotypes.  While we enjoy fried foods, we enjoy the outdoors and wildlife as well as other amenities that the rest of our country participates.  As you can see, we enjoy wearing shoes (though green grass and fresh plowed dirt between bare feet as a kid feels fantastic) and wearing normal clothes while not constantly bearing children.  Am I pregnant?  Nope.  I am just abundantly blessed with fat and so is my husband from delicious local fare.  Kentucky foods are where southern comforts meet northern cuisine.  We are, after all, a border state from the south to the north and into the Midwest.  Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!

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