How to Shop The Discount Baker’s Rack

Old bread or a stellar deal? I’ll be the first to admit it. I am a terrible baker. All those t.v. professionals with their fluffy breads and crispy crust make my envious side rear it’s ugly head. Those videos on Facebook where they show you the simplest bread recipes full of some delicious filling like Nutella, cream cheese, fruit, spices and sugar are like big slaps in the face to me. Oh how I wish I could bake!

My husband says that if I would follow the recipe exactly, and I practiced a lot, I could be a Baker if I really wanted to be. But since we’re already being honest here, I am easily frustrated and deterred.

But that’s not what this post is about. Since I am so unskilled as a Baker, I have had to adopt a few strategies here and there to appear a Baker and domestic diva! So today, I reveal to you my shopping strategies to buying discount baked goods. Otherwise, I am certain that a divorce would ensue with a life void of these sweet treats.

Baking A Cake Vs. Buying A Cake

The average cost of a box of cake mix is $1. Then you have to incorporate your costs of eggs averaging $1.50 for one dozen or about $0.13 each egg. Some recipes call for butter or oil as well averaging about another $.25. Sprinkles are about $1 for a whole container and you will probably use about 1/3 of a bottle or $.33. Premade icing costs about $1 as well. For cupcakes this size, you would use between half and a whole container of store bought icing.Add in food coloring costs and the fact most cake mixes use water but sometimes milk, and you’re paying this cost or upwards of over $3 per dozen. So here’s the exact math:

Cake mix: $1

3 Eggs (recipe on back of cake mix): $0.39

Milk (water is free of course): $0.50

Oil or butter: $0.50

Frosting: $1

Sprinkles: $0.33

Grand total (not counting electricity costs): $3.72

That’s why I think these cakes are such a great price! $1.49 for 12 mini cupcakes that you didn’t have to bake or decorate, and you freeze until you’re ready to serve!

Why buy discount cupcakes?

I think it’s fantastic to buy discount cakes, especially cupcakes because you can stick them in your freezer for up to 6 months! Yes, they still come out as delicious as they went in. Any longer than 6 months in your freezer results in dried and mushy cakes. Nasty! To ensure a quality product before presentation, do not place in oven or the microwave. Rather, set them on the counter about 4 hours before serving or leave overnight in the refrigerator the night before your event. Breads, pastries and doughnuts keep for about 6 months, too. You just need to be sure they go in a freezer bag to keep from drying out too much. Grab some of these cakes and goodies for a quick dessert or entertain guests. This birthday cake is a great price. What do you do if you’re not celebrating for a year? Start looking for birthday cakes in that 6 month window. Any earlier than that results in a rotten birthday. Your cake will either be too dry or too mushy. It won’t taste anything like the bakery at all.

Personalize Your Cake Frugally

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