How To Cook The Perfect Scrambled Egg

How To Cook The Perfect Scrambled Egg

There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way

Eggs can be delicious but if they’re not prepared just right, you can have a bad experience.  No one likes lacy eggs or burned eggs or eggs so tough that you could use them as dog chew toys.  But you don’t have to worry about that because today I’m going to teach you how to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

These eggs are soft, fluffy and cooked to perfection!  And I am not saying that to brag.  I am saying it because once I learned, my entire cooking experience changed.  I learned that there are techniques that make food taste better, look better and give you an overall better satisfaction.  Today, I’ll be using brown eggs because they were on sale at my local grocery store for $0.70 per dozen.

First, crack the egg in a bowl.  Don’t add anything to it, no salt, so milk no water.  Have nothing but the egg in the bowl.  Use a fork and gently break the yolk with the prongs, the pointy end.

Making a circular pattern up and down, beat the eggs until you have a creamy mixture.  Make sure you don’t have a lot of the egg white remaining.  You want the mixture to have as much yellow and bubbles as possible!

Turn your heat to medium heat and let the pan warm with just a bit of oil in it.  I am using canola oil, but feel free to use olive or vegetable as well.

Use 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter placed on top of the warm oil.  Sadly, I am using margarine here because it is all that I have.  Your eggs actually taste better with the unsalted butter.  You don’t want it smoking or sizzling, however, the pan should be warm enough to melt the butter.  

The oil is used to keep the butter from melting creating this thin mixture of butter and oil on the bottom of the pan.  When your butter is completely melted, it is time to add the beaten egg.

As you can see here, the beaten egg is completely yellow with minimal egg white.  This ensures an evenly cooked egg.  To make the perfect scramble, you will need a rubber tipped spatula to keep the egg fluffy and not sticking to the pan.

Pull the egg away from the edges of the pan and allow more of the yolk to the edges.  This cooks the egg more quickly and evenly.  This should also help you remove the egg and any excess in the pan quickly as well.  

Flip the pan over on a plate and add your salt, pepper or desired seasoning.  For a lovely finished look and low sodium option, top with parsley.  I used dried parsley here but feel free to use fresh.  It does look prettier with parsley.  

And that is how you make the perfect scrambled eggs every time.  As you can see, there is minimal white and evenly yellow egg throughout this scramble.  Should you decide to make this an omelet, you should add your cheese, meat or additional toppings right before plating so the heat from the hot eggs and pan will heat up your filling as well as melt any cheese.  Hope this helps you to create the perfect scrambled eggs every time!

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