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We are currently working on our new email list as well as new courses to help with the everyday struggles of the average stay at home parent!

We’re glad you could make it to our new site! You’ll find some how to ideas, tips and tricks that we hope make your life easier as well as products we find really helpful. We’ll find creative ways to make side money as a stay at home parent as well as some hilarious posts from time to time about our everyday life. And we hope to sell you goods that will make your quality of life all the better!  From kitchen must haves to everyday essentials, we hope to have the items and articles to add some pizzazz to your life.  Having trouble communicating with your spouse? We’ll try our best to offer help we’ve learned along the way as well as find programs that may offer better services that we can. We’ll find freebies, cheapies, and stellar deals that will save you time and money, and maybe link you up with money saving and debt relief programs.  We hope you enjoy our blog as well!


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We are Just Add That, a site devoted to improving the lives of our clients and parents. That means we talk about improving your business and your family lives. The struggles are real. As a mom myself, I understand the financial strains, marital strains, and overwhelming feelings of burned out business owners who happen to be parents as well.. Our quest is to find products that improve our lives, find new short cuts on burdensome problems, and listen to the community on what they’d like to see on their site. S

We understand it isn’t easy giving up on dreams, jobs or even future potential incomes and life events. But we also understand the joys of being there for every child’s milestone, comforting your sick children while you’re at your wits end, and even the struggles of missing adult interaction you once had. Some days, you may have more time than others. Some days, you may be looking for a hobby, trying to finish that project you’ve put off for 2 years now, or just finding a day just for you. Whatever it may be, we’re going to strive to provide those kind of quality articles to relate and help in anyway we can.  Plus, if you’re ready to branch out with your own website, we can make it a little easier with our website rental services.  Find out more today!

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