Gender Prediction Kit? Can You Really Determine Your Baby’s Gender?

Gender Prediction Kit? Can You Really Determine Your Baby’s Gender?

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The Gender Prediction Kit

Giant Scam Or Fun Baby Shower Game?

By Roxana Guy

Baby Gender Predictor Test Kit - Early Pregnancy Prenatal Sex Test - Predict if your baby is a boy or girl in less than a minute from the comfort of your home. Non-toxic and safe for you and your baby. Satisfaction GUARANTEED. Use coupon code to buy 2 get 1 free!

There are more and more improvements about pregnancy tests and advance sciences to detect early birthing problems and defects.  There’s even at home drug tests now so you can better monitor your children.  But how about monitoring if your child is a boy or a girl… inside the womb without an ultrasound as early as 5 weeks?

Most doctors can predict a pregnancy in office as early as 2 week with the right test, but most don’t identify until 5 weeks or longer because many of the earlier tests are often inconclusive.  The reality is early identification in pregnancy better protects the mother and baby from certain birth defects and issues related in child birth and development.  The earlier a doctor knows, the better results at the end of the pregnancy.  Most of the time.  Some issues are just beyond the doctor’s abilities and that of current science as it is.

So how does an at home pregnancy gender test exactly work?  According to the product description, a person can tell their baby’s gender as early as 5 weeks!  Really?  Most doctors can’t tell conclusively that you’re pregnant until about that time.  But apparently your baby’s gender can be determined before a positive on a pregnancy test.  But that’s beside the point.

So step 1.  Pee in a cup and fill your kit’s syringe with urine.  I think what bothers me the most in this picture is the model is not using gloves.  Yuck!

Step 2, your kit comes with a test tube and cap.  Use the syringe to fill it with your pee and cap it.

Step 3, make sure your cap is properly sealed (aka tight), and shake it until it changes colors.

Step 4, the last step.  Compare the color of your pee sample.  If it’s blue, congrats it’s a boy.  And green means it’s a girl.  Simple right?

In my opinion, I think it’d be fun for a gender reveal party.  I mean if you and your partner already know based on ultrasounds and other tests that it’s definitively a boy or girl, why not?  Sounds like a great way to discuss whether it’s legit or not.

But I think what bothers me the most is the fact that the product description says (and I quote), “This is not the Drano test.”  Really?  Am I so out of the loop that people use Drano for gender tests?  Why unclog your sinks and cook meth when you can discover the gender of your baby?!

I also love the Amazon description of “no batteries required” on this product.  I know when I think about peeing in a cup that I need either AA or AAA batteries.  Maybe a 9 Volt or C battery in some cases.  Wow… and the disclaimer is just as appealing as “this product is NOT for your if you will be disappointed in the result.”  And, “this product is not for people who are looking for a 100% accurate result.”  So I’ll say this as my disclaimer.  If you buy this product, go in with the mindset of a joke or a prank like from a novelty store.  If it gets it right, great!  If not, well, it was all in fun anyway.

For those who are serious buyers who think this product sounds all the more fun the more you read, there is a limited time offer.  Some people have one mega baby shower while others have multiple.  It could be friends have one, family another, coworkers throw you one at work and so on so forth.  So there is a special offer when you check out for buying 2, get one free.  Type out GPKB2G1F in the coupon (or promo) code section to receive a discount for buying 3.  At $14.97 per kit, they’re not a bad price for good fun.  $30 for 3 makes it all the more fun in my opinion.

After everything is said and done, would I buy this product?  Yes, I would buy this product for a shower, gender reveal party, gag gift or just for plain fun!  I think it’d be a great conversation starter for the church, water cooler, mommy and me meeting, play dates, PTA, you name it!  I think it’d give anyone a laugh or something to dream and talk about.  It’s definitely a break from the boring everyday.

Would I buy the product because I believe in its worthiness of a gender reveal?  No.  I think that part of this test is nothing but a scam to sink your money.  I think it’s about as believable as a jackalope and Elvis in a UFO.  If you believe this as accurate science, I have a bridge in New York I can sell you.  Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments and we hope you enjoy your gender reveal test!


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