Free Magazine Subscriptions!

Free Magazine Subscriptions!

Parenting Is Hard.  

Free Makes it better… for a little while anyway.

Parenting can be a chore, and that’s why we have to help out from time to time with freebies.  Yep, I have decided to add freebies that I think can better a parent’s life, and magazines may be just the thing to relax (whenever you have time that is).  And what better way to relax than to get it for free!

I know.  I know.  I know.  What relaxation?  What parent time?  What are you talking about Rocky?! I have zero free time myself, and I find my down time, I am playing around on the computer or reading up on how to better my blog!  The one thing I don’t seem to have time for are my old hobbies couponing and deal saving.  So I thought I would try today a little deal saving myself and see exactly what I could find.  Did I mention that I love getting free stuff?

Magazines are DEFINITELY the enemy of the green savvy person.  Evil paper that killed trees and plants that are the lungs of your breath!  Just so everyone knows, I don’t subscribe to every freebie that comes along.  When I do, I recycle or share it with a friend or family member.

But most parents don’t know about these freebies.  Companies that are so desperate for you to visit their site that they’re willing to sponsor so many magazine subscriptions from time to time.  And some of these have coupons in them!  So if you’re a couponer, I’ll definitely give you a heads up whether this one is a good one to subscribe to or not.

Today’s freebie is AFAR Magazine.  I, personally, have never subscribed to it before, but I used to travel a lot back in college and growing up.  My family wanted me to be cultured and educated in as many cultures and ethnic backgrounds as possible hence my political moderate attitude.  Both sides are right.  Both sides are wrong.  When they’re right, they’re right.  When they’re wrong, well, you get the idea.  And I am the kind of person to not just take the opinion of one source.  If it’s a hot topic, I’ll go out of my way for the research.  But I digress.

While subscribing to AFAR today, I was offered two other freebies, Better Homes and Gardens (coupons alert!💓) and Family Circle (another coupon alert! 💓).  So there you have it!  3 amazing freebies

Family Circle                           Image result for better homes and gardens

Yes!  Free never looked so good!

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