The Never Ending Story… LAUNDRY!

So many ideas and gadgets come out all the time.

But I found this video on my local News Channel 5. It is a machine made to fold your laundry for you while you do other things. Watch this!

To be honest, I don’t really understand if the FoldiMate would really save any time or not.

Laundry is a never ending chore, stay at home parent or not!  You have spit up, grass stains, mud, leftover lunch, milk, etc. all over your kids clothes and probably your clothes, too, from trying to keep them clean.  And I enjoyed this video because it acts as a time saver, but the real chore is getting all those items put away.  Washing and drying are one chore in laundry.  Folding is the second.  And putting away your laundry is a whole other animal!  You have literally 3 chores in one chore!  No wonder I’m so tired while writing this!  While this product looks and sounds great, the reality is I think it causes a lot of work clipping the clothes on there and putting them away. I like the idea of how neat and wrinkle free the garments are though. And I like the neat stack that you have for your finished product. So this inspired me to find more gadgets out there to help with our burden of doing laundry. And here’s what I found!

The Blindry

While scouring the internet for what I could find in the world of laundry, I discovered via Pinterest the link to the Blindry. Basically, it’s a window shade that folds down into a drying rack. Honestly, I wish I had been smart enough to invent something this simple!

Picture Perfect Instahanger By Arrow

Picture frame by day, but by night something more inventive. This stealthy Picture Perfect Instahanger is sure to conceal any sightly hangers while showcasing your beloved images and memories. The contemporary design definitely gives new purpose for such an item in our lives while being stylish to boot.

All Powercore Laundry Pacs

You knew if I was talking innovation, I was going to have to mention an All product. My husband works for Sun Products the makers of All, and my husband specifically works on making the All pacs. Naturally, I am going to buy All products especially the pacs to support my husband and his work. What I didn’t expect was how much I really like these pacs! There are 3 different kinds of Powercore Pacs.

All POWERCORE Super Concentrated Laundry Detergent Pacs Plus Removes Tough Odors Tub, 50 Count

  1. The Tough Odor Pacs – These pacs are designed to deal with sweaty, nasty and musty odors that are really ingrained in fabrics. I really like to save these for my serious smells and stains because they come in handy and I am quite stingy with these things!
  2. Free and Clear Pacs- These pacs clean and keep your clothes looking bright with no additives. These pacs might look intimidating since they’re smaller than the traditional pacs, but they clean just the same if not more. I use these from time to time but the ones I really love are the last pacs, and you’ll see why.
  3. The Oxi Pacs – The Oxi pacs have to be my favorite. They are filled with the All Free and Clear Oxi Booster which is their version of Oxi Clean and I love it! Your clothes smell fresh and clean and the colors are bright and look nearly new. My clothes still wear out from washing but nowhere near as much as it did before I starting using the Oxi pacs and booster.


Will these items help everyone?  I don’t know.  But I know I always need more  hanging space in our laundry room.  It’s awkward, small and really weird.  But after living in several places with limited laundry access, I can tell you that I appreciate actually having a laundry room.  But the All Power Core Pacs are awesome.  I use them all the time.  Just load, toss, wash.  Seriously shaves like 15 to 30 seconds off getting my detergent measured, adding my Oxi Booster, etc.  The simpler laundry is, the better!

So there you have it. A machine that sparked my interest in hunting down more innovative and helpful items to make laundry day all the more organized. Remember to just add one or all of these items to your household or at least get a good look at them. I know I wouldn’t have been smart enough to have invented these.



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