Fashion met EBay and Instagram and… Poshmark was born!

Fashion met EBay and Instagram and… Poshmark was born!

One of my favorite parts of Poshmark is creating an art out of the merchandise you’re selling. You can add filters to enhance rustic charms, show your ideas on how to wear items, and be fully creative. They want you to treat your site, which they call your closet, like a real boutique. The idea is to spoil your Posher (customer) when they purchase something so that they will want to come back to your store again! I have only been on Poshmark for a little while, but in 8 days, I have already sold 2 items and pocketed $14.10 in profit for my stuff. Not bad since that’s what I make in a typical month on EBay.

What makes Poshmark so great?

Poshmark is a fantastic place to buy discounted name brand clothes for a fraction of the cost. Not everyone sells name brand only, too. Some people list items with no known brand, even t-shirts and casual everyday wear. You’ll find an assortment of casual, semi casual and a few formal pieces in there sometimes deeply discounted. Shipping is 2 day and a flat rate of $5.95, and Poshmark, the company pays for the shipping. However, there is a down side to how much you can make. Poshmark takes a steep 30% cut which is different than EBAY. In exchange, you have unlimited listings and you don’t have to pay for shipping, so it’s not completely terrible after you think of the traffic you’re getting on your items. Some people have hundreds of thousands of followers while others, like me have a few hundred.

Share and Share Alike

Poshmark is all about social media. The more you share your items, the more people will notice. The more you share other people’s items, the more you’ll get noticed. Share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, whatever it takes to get your item sold. You can do that with other selling platforms, but Poshmark definitely simplifies it for you. In closing, I highly recommend Poshmark to add to your selling platforms. Whether it’s just to sell a clothing item or two or open your own store, Poshmark definitely can increase your traffic for potential buyers. For more information, be sure to check out our blog or email us!

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