Family Night…Good Or A Pain?

Family Night…Good Or A Pain?

The Importance Of Family

But isn’t family night too much work?

Let’s be honest, we as parents question every single choice we make.  Did we give them enough nurturing?  Have they been outside enough?  Are they going to die because they didn’t touch their carrots?  Have we spoiled our children rotten?!  
And sometimes, we don’t like the answers.  We, as parents, would like to think we did anything and everything we can for our kids.  They had expensive presents for holidays and birthdays.  We lavished them with new clothes and supplies for the start of the school year.  We feel guilty when we say no to a treat or just always saying no in general.  
And no matter how hard we try, we always feel the same.  We all feel really unappreciated, undervalued and down right annoyed!  Sometimes, you feel like you just want to walk right out the door feeling so unloved!  
But we stay because we know that we’re needed.  We know our kids need someone to cling to when things get tough.  We know what we do for our kids even if they’ll never understand completely even after becoming adults.  And we know all the time we’ll never be fully appreciated or valued the way we want to be.  Gosh!  What a lovely topic, right?!  I thought this was about Family Night not a bunch of depressive hoo ha!  Goodness me.  I am getting to that point of Family Night.  Just bear with me!  
Now I want you to look at Family Night a little differently than you did before.  I know when I first started pushing Family Night on our family, it looked like a daunting task.  I thought it was going to be hours of torture, cleaning messes from crafts, and endless showering and bathing cleaning every nook and cranny.  But Family Night became something more.  It suddenly became this night (or time, it doesn’t even have to be in the evening) where anything kinda goes (WITHIN REASON!).  
Sometimes, it’s just watching a movie you already own for the millionth time.  Our current one is Finding Dory.  And while it was cute the first time, after watching it repeatedly is REALLY ANNOYING!  But when we watched it as a family, it was nice.  The kids and I had commentary and began teasing each other and mocking scenes.  We made each other laugh, and we had so much fun!  
Other times, we may hop over to Wendy’s.  They have their kids meal on special promotion of $1.99 each, and Michael and I enjoy the $4 special meaning we can all eat there for a little over $12 after tax.  It’s a little luxury we can do since we can’t really afford to eat out that much.
Other family nights, we cook and make cakes.  This pictures was actually taken by my mother in law at her house because they made this gingerbread house a few years ago.  
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
But we have made cookies…
Pitched tents in the living room…
Gone to hosted events like here at Chik-Fil-A…
And it probably is starting to sound like bragging.  Rather, look at all these memories that we did for mostly free.  The Chik-Fil-A event was free, but we bought our kids meals to support them anyway.  The tent and movie night we already owned.  My mother in law bought the kit for the gingerbread house.  The cookies were a 3 ingredient pin I found on Pinterest.  Suddenly, Family Night was far more doable.
On lazy summer days, Family Night is eating outside on a blanket like a picnic or on the patio table. We have also done the same thing in the living room floor.  
And while we’ve been doing this for years, I somehow started to wonder why I ever thought being a parent meant that I was unappreciated.  Sure, there are days that I feel it, even last night.  But there are days that I can’t help but be so excited about the me time coming with Family Night.  It’s like our way of appreciating each other.  
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Michael and the Boys “riding” in the old pick up that didn’t work anymore.
And you’ll notice that my husband isn’t in a lot of of these pictures, but over the years, he has come to appreciate Family Night.  Why even this morning, Michael was asking me, “What do we have planned for Family Night.”  My honest response?  “I dunno.”  Because seriously, I don’t.  But that didn’t stop him from suggesting what if we went to Pizza Hut, and I suggested a board game.  
While we’re figuring out what to do for our Family Night, I hope you are inspired that Family Night isn’t about the perfect craft or messes or anything uncomfortable.  It’s about giving yourself the chance to be with your kids the way you want to be.  It’s about giving yourself the opportunity to make memories and have fun.  Giving yourself permission can sometimes just be a reward in and of itself!  
Now about that next Finding Dory.  I was scouring around Walmart’s website and stumbled across this Finding Dory Popcorn Tin.  And I am wondering if a popcorn party might make it all the better. Hmmm…
 Finding Dory Popcorn Tin
Finding Dory Popcorn Tin

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