Dr. Mom

Okay.  So we’re really not doctors, but with so many hats a mom wears, it feels like we are.     We’re chauffeurs, caretakers, cooks and housekeeping all while providing room and board. We’re a regular Wonder Woman in the real world.  But sometimes, we need the help of professionals and other moms out there that just know a bit more than we do.  Their experiences are what fuel our current reality.  And we need that in our lives.


We’re proud to introduce our newest author here at Just Add That, Marian Kay Culver!  Kay is a nurse of 40 years and has so much to provide for us.  We are so excited to see what she has in store for us on being the best moms we can be.  We’re going to feature her articles here as well as other health info that makes us awesome moms.  We care about your kids as much as we care about ours!  And Just Add That only wants the best for our moms.