Dash Recipes

Introducing our new series, Dash.

Dash is a different twist to the normal recipes out there.  Yes, it’s another recipe video series.  But let’s be honest.  As parents there are our old faithful recipes, and sometimes we just need to look at something new.  Dash is dedicated to giving a new twist on old favorites.  Let’s get organized together by clicking here to find out more.

So how did we come up with the idea of Dash?  Two of my best friends are single dads.  We’ll call my two guy friends, Jack and Tony.  It’s not even close to their real names, and I want to make sure their identity stays safe.  Jack is a foodie and a pretty decent cook.  Tony?  Well, he has no clue how to cook anything.  His exact words?  “I can’t even boil water.”  We laugh at that phrase, but he confessed to me that it terrifies him that his child may grow up not knowing how to cook.  He is so worried about failing his child.

The more I talked with Jack and Tony, the more driven I was to create a series that helped them both.  Jack works on the road constantly, so when he comes home and cooks, it’s a big deal for him and his kids.  Tony is stuck in a cubical all day long, comes home as full time dad, and is exhausted every single day.  Two single dads.  Two different needs.

Introducing Dash

I wanted Dash to be about bringing the family back together.  Many families bond through experiences, and cooking can be great memories.  Dash is about trying those recipes, getting into the kitchen and making those memories!

As many of you know, I have two boys of my own.  Both are highly intelligent, charming and sweet.  But both are really picky eaters and spoiled in their own ways.  When I was looking at these recipes with Dash,  I realized how many foods my kids weren’t even willing to try.  For example, my boys woke up one day and decided they didn’t like cream cheese anymore.  Yet when I fixed this fabulous Vanilla-Caramel French Toast Casserole, they couldn’t get enough even though cream cheese was a main ingredient.  If I can sneak an ingredient or two in there to feed my kiddos, I’m going to try!

My favorite way to sneak vegetables into my kids diets has to be at breakfast and with desserts.  Smoothies offer great options for adding leafy greens as well as nutritious pumpkins and carrots.  I don’t know where I would be without my trusty Vitamix.  It’s probably my favorite kitchen appliance.  I use it for more than smoothies, but smoothies has to be my number one use for this awesome blender.

I want Dash to be a great video experience that empowers our readers to get into the kitchen.  That’s why I refuse to say that Just Add That is all about moms.  I am a mom, but I refuse to leave out the dad.  Great kids start with great parents.  And we wouldn’t have these kiddos if it were for both moms and dads!  Plus, I want Just Add That to be a place non traditional parents can find resources and help.  There are relatives (grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.) that have suddenly found themselves in parental roles they never thought they would be.  That’s why Dash is a great resource for a broader audience.  And I can’t thank you enough for being a loyal reader.

At Just Add That, we are only as successful as our readers, and we want you to succeed at everything, especially making great family meals.  We want to inspire and help you figure out a way to make great family experiences from the daily routine to special events.  Thanks for being a loyal reader, and be sure to subscribe to our Family Night Planner if you haven’t done so already!





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