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This section is going to be all about married dads, single dads, and stay at home dads.  I hope to feature guest posts here from a man’s perspective.  And here are two of my favorite dads, my husband Michael and my best friend Ryan.

Michael, as many of you know, is my husband of 8 years.  We have been through thick and thin, and he hears me whine all the time.  But as a working dad, he has lots of ideas and opinions that I feel he can offer to other dads out there in the internet world.  Being married has its challenges, and being a dad presents a whole new set, but Michael is crazy about our two boys, Jaiden and Liam.  And if there’s one thing that he can do, it’s work hard for this family!



Judy, my mother in law, Mike, Jaiden, and Liam, center


Ryan and I have been friends since 1997.  I was in 8th grade, and he was in 7th when we first met.  We became closer friends in high school having the same buddies and participating in after school activities.  Romance was never on the cards as we both had serious relationships through most of high school, and he married his high school sweet heart.  However, their happily ever after just wasn’t meant to be, and he’s now a single dad raising their daughter.  Mom’s still in the picture, but Ryan is full time daddy all the time with his own quirks, tricks and tips, and we hope to share many of those experiences here.



Ryan with his daughter, Cassie


Right now, I don’t have a writer for our stay at home dad section, but I am hoping to freelance out or find a stay at home dad for his perspective.  There may not be as many as stay at home moms, but I believe they need a corner.  I am looking for stay at home dad (SAHD) writers!  I can’t pay much, but I am willing to exchange articles and information with you to promote SAHD’s out there.


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