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30 May

Don’t Miss Anything! Just Add That Is On YouTube!

While we only have a few  videos so far,  we’re excited to be on YouTube!  I hope to have more videos to post soon, and please don’t butcher me too much on my video editing.  I am trying really hard, and I have no background or experience in this.  YouTube is a vast jungle of experience, and I am excited to learn as much as I can! But I admit, they are a bit rough.  Maybe someday soon, we’ll all look back together and have a great laugh.  I guess I have to start somewhere.

But fret not.  I’m still out here looking for content to write about that is more unique and helpful to keep readers engaged.  I hope to have more guest posts and writing out there from other parenting blogs.  It’ll be great to connect with new ideas and perspectives on parenting.  Our kids are going to rock!  Well, I’m biased.  I kinda already think mine do.  And I guarantee you guys feel the exact way about your kids as well!

I do want to encourage you to subscribe now. Watch monthly for new video content.  I hope this becomes weekly and eventually daily.  I want to get out there and get as much info and ideas out there to really bring the family together.

Just Add That
Roxana “Rocky” Guy
We’re planning on expanding with some diy hacks, great recipes and any tips that are going to make your life easier as a parent and more rewarding.  I cannot wait to get in there and get connected!
If you have any suggestions on what kind of videos we should do or how we can help you, just leave a comment below.  We’re glad for you to email us also at  We want to really help parents and kids create long lasting family experiences.  Our goal is for you and your kids to have long, lasting memories together.  From board games, to crafts, easy activities and even pizza night, we’re open to any and all suggestions.



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