Bizare Things to Buy For Father’s Day on Amazon

Bizare Things to Buy For Father’s Day on Amazon

Why buy something normal when you can buy something weird for Father’s Day?

So you’re sifting though the a plethora of gifts online, maybe in a magazine or just perusing a store.  Do you decide to go with the old faithful tie present this year, or dare you venture out there to peak your father’s true interests?  Look no further than Amazon who is quick to offer a series of selections.  But if you’re in doubt, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite odd gifts for dad this year provided by Amazon.  Because nothing says, “Happy Father’s Day” in such a weird way like these 5 gifts.  Enjoy!

Number 1:

Yes, we’ve all dreamed of our toilets lighting up the night sky as we sneak into the bathroom to take a nightly whiz.  The Glow Bowl is sure to dazzle your throne with luminescent appeal as well as provide necessary light that we hope improves the nightly aim.  Its ergonomically designed arm sits nestled on the bowl under the toilet seat and is certain not to upset any personal business during daily deification. Every household most definitely will be the talk of the town with this gem.   

Number 2:

The Oral I.V.

Hello, Dad?  Are you staying properly hydrated this Father’s Day?  You’re not?  Well, I know exactly what to get you.  Look no further than the Oral I.V.  While I understand the importance of staying hydrated, this definitely made the list mostly because of the name.  Hikers, sports enthusiasts and anyone working in extreme temperatures and conditions, rejoice!  Your child came to your rescue with the Oral I.V.  

Number 3:


You’ve heard the saying, “You want fries with that?”  But have you ever thought to ask yourself or your dad if you want Baconnaise with that.  The funniest part of this is that it’s kosher and vegetarian friendly.  Yes, folks, the wonder of bacon can now be brought to you in a way unimaginable before.  Every holiday is instantly better with bacon in it.  Eat your heart out, sis!

Number 4:

Custom Label Hot Sauces

Now here’s the way to a dad’s heart!  Remind him exactly how hot he really is with custom hot sauces! Great for a husband, and a seriously awkward situation for a daughter or son.  Give your dad the spice of life with this sizzling beauty!  You had me at habañero!

Number 5:

Whew!  That was a close one!  We were getting to the end of the list, and I thought my favorite Father’s Day pass time was going to go amiss!  But low and behold, the old faithful of Father’s Day gifts has arrived with the yodelling pickle.  Yes, nothing says, “Love you, dear old Dad” like the yodelling pickle.  It sings, well yodels, and I kinda wonder if you’re giving it to someone, does it put you in a pickle or get you out of one?  Either way you look at it, it just wouldn’t be Father’s Day without the yodelling pickle.  You’re welcome, folks!  
That’s it for now from Just Add That reminding you to just add one of these 5 bizarre Father’s Day gifts to your life.  It could be weird.  Probably awkward.  And maybe it’s just the laugh you needed after the kind of other holidays you’ve had in the past.  But one thing’s for certain, these will definitely provide you with a Father’s Day you’ll never forget.  

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