And The Tree Tree Trees Came Down Down Down!

And The Tree Tree Trees Came Down Down Down!

Why Are We Cutting Down Our Beautiful Trees?

Trees are definitely the lungs of the earth.  As I have told you in my previous articles, I love nature, and I love recycling, reducing, and reusing stuff.  And I love how my trees keep my house nice and cool.  But as you can see in the picture, our Bradford Pear trees are very close to the power lines.  The reality is, the people who originally owned this house had pine trees at one point in time and the plant board cut the trees down.  So they planted these Bradford Pear trees because they had been told that the trees were small.  However, as you can see in the picture, they were sadly mistaken.

So a week or two ago, we were presented with the same situation.  We could allow the trees to be severely butchered to the point that they could be unstable and possibly fall on our house, or we could have the trees cut down and be allowed to go to a local nursery and buy new, dwarf trees.  We weighed our options, and cutting the trees down seemed the best decision.  So I went out and I took pictures to remember what our yard once looked all the way back to when we originally bought it in 2008.

So lush and so green.  It was almost bitter sweet to take these pictures.  Some of you are reading this and thinking, it’s just a tree!  Who cares?  But trees are so much more to me.  They’re the memories a kid has climbing or reading a book enjoying the shade.  Hearing the birds singing and watching the squirrels chatter and jump.  The sound of the wind in the leaves as well as the breeze blowing on your face and hair.  These are the best moments in the summertime.  

We had six trees cut.  5 of them were Bradford Pears.  One was a traditional maple, but not a sugar maple tree.  Looking at them over the years knowing it wasn’t their fault that they had been planted incorrectly was kinda hard.  They have no feeling, no soul, no want of any sort.  All they want to do is grow and enjoy the delicious sun and the cool water in their roots.  That’s what makes it the saddest for me.  
We used to have 6 Bradford Pear trees.  Around where the rose bush is in the above picture was where the sixth one was.  Back in 2011, it had been hit by lightning and split the tree in half.  Mike and I had gone out there with a machete, a hand saw and a pruning saw and tried to chop it up by ourselves.  We didn’t have a chainsaw or a dollar in the bank to our name.  After a few hours of chopping, a guy at the plant board took pity on us and cut the tree into pieces so Mike and I could haul it easier.  That man will never understand how much help he really was that day.

My kids have picnicked under these trees just because they could.  They have ran, played, jumped and laughed all along life’s way.  Looking at these pictures reminds me of the good times these boys had in such a small house.  

And the last picture above here is our little maple that barely got started.  It was practically a sapling when we moved here in 2008.  But I never could figure out a place to move it to in our yard, so that’s why it was never moved.  We didn’t plant the tree.  I think the flippers who flipped our house just tried to fill a hole in the yard to look more appealing.  We’ve had to redo a lot of their “improvements.”  But that’s for another post.  
But now that the trees are gone, my yard doesn’t even look the same.  It’s a giant void.  A clean canvas.  

I will post part 2 after they finish clearing my trees in the front yard and I will show you a before and after of the whole project.  It’s just bitter sweet to see the trees gone.  There’s a world of possibilities unlike before yet it’s hard to deal with changes.  I know my boys have had a hard time adjusting to their favorite play spots being gone.  But I know that overall it’s going to be for the best.  No trees falling on our house after a big storm.  No trimming or clearing so we can use our driveway.  No fire hazards on the power lines anymore or less of a chance for neighbors to be agitated that the power has gone out.  

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