Who We Are


We are Just Add That, a site devoted to improving the lives of stay at home parents.  That means we talk about stay at home moms as well as stay at home dads.  The struggles are real.  As a stay at home mom myself, I understand the financial strains, marital strains, and overwhelming feelings of burned out parents.  Our quest is to find products that improve our lives, find new short cuts on burdensome problems, and listen to the community on what they’d like to see on their site.  Stay at home grandparents, foster parents and all guardians alike are also welcome on here.


Liam, 11 months


As a stay at home parent, we know the struggles with work, finances and daily upkeep of the house and family.  We know we wear many hats including mom as number one.  Instead of focusing on the burden, stress and overwhelming nature of these “hats,” we here at Just Add That want to ensure that these are actually badges of honor and respect.  Not everyone can handle what we do, nor can they accept things the way a stay at home parent does.  It doesn’t make us better or elitists, but rather stronger in knowing we’re doing all we can to ensure the health and wellness of our children.  So rejoice in the fact that you wear many hats.  You’re family does as well as it does because you’re there.


Jaiden, 9 months

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