Here’s A Great Drink To Beat The Summer Heat

Here’s A Great Drink To Beat The Summer Heat

A Must For Beating The Summer Heat – Mango Splash Punch


You read that right.  I mean nothing says beat the heat like this delicious cool beverage.  I mean I will be the first person to tell you that I hate punch.  Seriously, parties like wedding or baby showers drive me crazy with that yucky punch!  Gag a maggot!  But my mom decided to have a family cookout last night, and she had this great idea for a float that turned into a stellar punch.  You read that right.  I ACTUALLY LIKED IT!

It was so much fun getting to see my parents and my kids and actually having a moment with my hubby.  We are so busy all the time, it’s like I hardly see him ever!  It was nothing special.  Just your typical burgers, dogs, slaw and baked beans and chips.  But the company and the memories made it so worthwhile!  I could relive that moment anytime.

But the heat was starting to get to us.  I went in to help Mom take in her cold items and refrigerate them.  She started desserts and the kids and my step dad followed.  My husband was all alone playing on his cell phone, so we decided that maybe it was a bit too hot to actually have dessert outside.  And at first, I was absolutely saddened by this dessert option my mom had created until I tried it!  Now, I have to share it with you because you need to have this simple dessert at your next cookout or gathering.  And just in case you’re looking for other ways to keep cool. try this amazing homemade lemonade recipe.  Delicious!


A Scoop Here….




Serious yums, but we aren't formally affiliated with Prairie Farms. Sorry guys.
Orange Sherbet


First things first, you are definitely going to need a sturdy cup and your favorite orange sherbet.  We aren’t affiliated with Prairie Farms, but it happens to be one of our family favs as it is quite tasty.  A scoop or two in a cup is more than enough.  It should look something like this.


Anyone else as hungry as I am?
Typical scoop of orange sherbet. 2 here.

Pour Some Sugar On Me!!!  No seriously, this is the good stuff!

You should try this stuff. It's awesome!
Fanta nor any Coca-Cola products are affiliated with our site. But they are delicious.

My kids are all about the sugary goodness of Fanta, but in case you think I am always a bad mom, I’m not.  We drink it from time to time, and for those who don’t know my background, I work at a local mom and pop grocery store called Price Less IGA.  We have lots of things come in and out of the check out line.  Since I hardly stock and put out new product, I usually see the new stuff come through the check out lane where I work predominately.  And you can imagine my excitement when we had mango Fanta come through the lane.  I knew my boys would be all about it, and of course they were!  My boys had to share it with my step dad who raved at how delicious it was inspiring the recipe my mom came up with for her punch.

Simply pour the mango flavored Fanta on top of your sherbet, and voila!  The easiest summer recipe to keep yourself cool this summer!  It looks weird like a kid’s science experiment exploding all over the counter top, but trust us.  It’s so yummy!

Mango Summer Splash Punch



Most punches are bad. This one is great!
Mango Summer Splash Punch



1 cup orange sherbet

1 cup mango Fanta

Add sherbet to sturdy cup and pour mango Fanta over the top.  Add a spoon or straw.  Enjoy!


Share if you dare…

Just for fun, here’s two pictures of two very satisfied little boys.


As you can tell, this was so good.
Jaiden approved

They definitely approve!


Summer time memories are awesome!
Liam says it’s best drank with a good book. Great for summer reading!


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