20 Problems Only Moms Get

20 Problems Only Moms Get


Funny or frustrating, you get where these problems are coming from all too well.

Roxana Guy
Ah. Life.  It’s full of ups and downs but nothing magnifies the good, bad and ugly like being a mom.  You pray, you work hard and juggle anything and everything for your little one only to feel the ongoing lack of appreciation.  #storyofmylife and #firstworldproblems.  Here’s a list full of funny, frustrating and futile kids stories just so you can have a good laugh for the sake of laughing.  Here we go!
1.  You fix your son’s favorite foods as a one dish pan only to have them turn their nose up because “it’s touching each other.”

2.  You go to the toy store so your child can spend their allowance or birthday money only to say, “they don’t have what I’m looking for.”


3.  You wish that screaming kid’s dad would whoop that child in Walmart throwing a tantrum only to realize it’s your husband and that’s your kid.

4.  Your child decides they don’t like something because big brother or sister doesn’t.  Or dad in some cases.
5.  Your child decides they’re too busy to eat breakfast but then turns around 5 minutes later to tell you they’re hungry.


6.  You buy the bulk size of your child’s favorite snack only to find out when you get home he really doesn’t like it anymore.


7.  You tell your child that they can’t have cake because they didn’t eat their vegetables only to be undermined by your husband who says, “That’s fine” without batting an eye.

8.  Your kids say they’re not sleepy when you decide to go out for a quick “night time” ice cream only to have them fall asleep on their way home covered in ice cream.
9.  You drop your keys and remember you’re 8 months pregnant so you figure out the mama squat without peeing all over yourself.
10.  Your husband tells you your pregnant breasts are incredible at the exact moment they’re sore and achy.
11.  The kids have earaches and fevers and suddenly, your husband isn’t feeling so great either.
12.  You’re sick and expected to take care of everyone business as usual but if anyone else gets sick, you’d better take off to take care of them immediately.
13.  You mash your child’s belly to tell them if they’re hungry or not.  They want you to check just to make sure.

14.  Your mother or mother in law says you “seem a bit stressed or tense” like they’ve never experienced the same thing.  EVER.

15.  Your baby won’t stop screaming or crying only to find out it’s because you won’t stop screaming or crying with them.


16.  You put your boys in the bath tub together to save time bathing them only to have them fight over a cartoon or special colored washcloth.
17.  You sneak into the bathroom for a moment or two of “mommy time” only to have your kids knock on the door, hang out or stick their fingers through the crack at the base of the door.

19.  You make dinner almost every night only to have your kid tell someone at school or church that they’ve never had anything homemade.18.  Your husband doesn’t understand why Amazon, Costco and Sam’s Club are your new bff’s and crushes all at the same time.

20.  You get super excited about a trip, special planned day or something you’ve worked really hard only to have your kids and your husband give you an “okay” or “meh” response.

So there you have it.  20 hilarious, frustrating and awkward problems only moms get.  While I realize there SO much more out there, I  had to narrow it down to the most relate-able and PG.  And while these may bring up memories no matter how good or how bad, I  hope these make you feel a little more appreciated here at Just Add That.  Because we get it.  Oh, how we get it.

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